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Zone’s affiliate program: Experience the quality.

All those who join the affiliate program will receive a free .eu domain and web hosting for a year, so you can test all the great features offered by Zone as well as the convenience and reliability of the user interface.

In addition, affiliates also have the opportunity to earn real money by recommending Zone! The more new customers you direct to use our web hosting services, the better commission you will receive.

You win, and we win.

Earn extra money

As our affiliate, it’s easy to earn extra money. We are the most preferred web hosting service provider in Estonia in terms of our reliability. This argument alone will help you grow your client portfolio and increase your commission.

Customers approve

We have the happiest and most satisfied customers in the world, who highly value the reliability and stability of the service we provide. We listen to our customers and speak to them in a language they understand.

Competent and fast support

Our affiliates are important to us. That is why we are here for you at all times to provide prompt, expert assistance. We will help you with everyday issues and advise you on how to earn money even more efficiently as a affiliate.

How does the Zone affiliate programme work?

Earn up to 50 EUR per recommendation and an additional 15% per year of the cost of the service package for the following four years.

Zone’s affiliate programme is a win-win: we get more customers, you make money. As our partner, advertising us is easy – we are the most preferred web hosting service provider in Estonia in terms of quality and reliability.

Let’s say you find five new web hosting package customers for us – three Starter packages, one Business package and one Pro package. Looking at the graph on the right, that gets you a total of €501.44 in bonus money! Sounds doable?

Signup Commission20 €30 €50 €
For the next 4 years, for every customer you have in the Zone, you earn.47,16 €83,16 €136,8 €
Total:67,16 €113,16 €186,8€

How to start earing money

Step 1: Join the programme

Fill out the joining form below, read the terms and conditions and submit a request to us. The application will be reviewed by our affiliate programme manager and the decision will be announced as soon as possible.

Step 2: Share the promo code

When you become a affiliate, we will send you a unique promo code/link that you can share with your customers by recommending Zone web hosting services.

Step 3: Wait for the money

If the customer orders Zone web hosting services through the unique promo code/link provided by you, you have automatically earned a commission depending on the package chosen by the customer.

    Join our affiliate programme

    Who do we want to partner with Zone?


    Do you share SEO, PPC, PR, marketing, content marketing, e-business and general IT content to your followers? Earn extra money and promote Zone’s online services on your blog, social media or other channels.


    Do you organise courses and webinars, provide training or teach web creation, marketing & SEO? Advertise Zone services using affiliate links and earn money.


    Do you make special web solutions for a customer? Earn money by recommending Zone as their host.

    Digital marketers

    Earn extra money with the Zone affiliate programme when you learn about everything related to SEO or when you have access to various marketing resources to promote Zone.

    Web and/or media agencies

    Are you involved in the development of large WordPress, Prestashop, Magento projects? Recommend Zone web hosting to your clients and earn a special commission.


    If you don’t fall into one of the aforementioned categories, but you think you can be useful to both us and yourself by recommending Zone web hosting services, let us know!