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Domain transfers
made easy

  • No downtime – keep your existing DNS records so your web and email will continue to work
  • If required by the registry, we will help you renew for an extra year during transfer
  • Most transfers are finished on the same day
  • Ask for our free e-mail and website migration while you wait for the transfer

Transferring your domain name to a new service provider can seem like a complicated process, but with the right information and preparation, it’s simple and effortless.

Domain transfer in 3 simple steps

  1. Unlock the domain at your current registrar and request an authorisation code. This can be done either in their self-service or by contacting customer support. Make sure the phrase is easy to remember and to type in. Avoid words that have multiple spellings or common mis-spellings.
  2. Search for your domain name in our transfer tool and enter the authorisation code to confirm the transfer. Domain transfer is free, but you may need to pay one year’s fee to extend your registration, if required by the registry.
  3. Most transfers happen during 24h, but some larger registrars may take 5-7 days. Check your inbox – some registries may send an email with a link to the confirmation page.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions for more details – or contact our helpdesk for personal service!

Why should I transfer domains to Zone?

Easy management

Manage all your domains from one simple selfservice panel and have a clear overview of their usage.

Simple renewals

Save time by deciding which domains you want to renew and get one invoice.

Integrated with hosting

No need to worry about configuring DNS to get your web or e-mail working – our hosting automation does it automatically.

Free parking

No time for website yet? No problem! All domains will show “Moving in” page until you make up your mind.

Secured with DNSSEC

All new domains with DNSSEC-supporting extensions will have it turned on automatically. Free of charge.

Professional support

As a registrar for many top level domains we have a dedicated and knowledgable team at your service.

Frequently asked questions about Domain Transfer

Domain registrations are handled by registrars who manage your domain’s entry in respective registry. You have a right to change the registrar and transfer your to another service provider using secure process designed to minimize risks like your domain getting into wrong hands.

Transfer usually starts by getting authorization code from your current registrar. Some domain extensions may also have additional “locks” set that require verification of your identity before transfer. 

You can get your authorization code (also known as an EPP code, EPP transfer code, transfer code, auth code) from your current service provider. This may be available from their self-service together with option for removing domain locks or you may need to contact their customer support.

Domain transfer is designed to be safe and can only proceed when correct authorization code is entered. This is often followed by confirmation e-mail to domain owner’s address with link to special web page.

You are advised to keep your domain contact information always up-to-date to ensure these e-mails go to right person. To avoid malicious domain transfers some extension may have a “cooldown period” of up to 60 days after change of contact address when transfer is not possible.

Most extensions support change of contact information and owner during transfer, for others we at Zone have implemented transfer+trade process where changes are made automatically. Due to possible “cooldown period” after change of contact e-mail we suggest to make all changes during transfer, not before.

No, domain transfer means change of registrar so your e-mails and website will remain working where they were before transfer, without interruption. You need to order web hosting from us to bring them over – and we are happy to help with free migration that covers most cases.Should you need personal support paid option is available with our engineers and domain specialists taking care of all neccessary steps.

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