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Get your
WordPress site
with just 1 click

Creating a website is now effortless, thanks to Zone+ WordPress Assistant.
You don’t need any prior experience to have a fully functional
website up and running in minutes.

Anyone can do it

How can someone say that I’m a tech guy when I’m not? Because the world is changing! Many people are used to the fact that even the simplest website has to be built by an experienced IT expert, but with the guidance of the Zone+ WordPress Assistant, anyone can really do it. The future is here, and from now on everyone is officially an tech guy.

It is very simple

It is no longer difficult to create a website. With the guidance from Zone+ WordPress Assistant, the process couldn’t be any simpler:

  • describe your business
  • choose a design from a library created for you
  • pick the pages you need
  • AI helps you write all the content for your page. Just say who you are and what your page is about.
  • use the Assistant to optimize the website and make it unique to you.

The Assistant is an excellent teacher that can quickly help you understand all the tips and tricks of managing WordPress.

Help is always available

The Zone+ WordPress Assistant will keep you out of trouble. It will guide you if you want to navigate the WordPress menus or get an overview of the application’s functions.

The Assistant automatically installs necessary plug-ins and helps you upload images, logos, and texts to your website through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

The Assistant will help you become friends with WordPress!

Free and up-to-date

Zone+ WordPress Assistant is included with Zone webhosting services and does not cost you extra!

The version of Zone+ WordPress you are using is always up-to-date. With automatic updates, we update:

  • the WordPress core
  • plug-ins
  • and themes

WordPress hosting that
supports your ambitions

Zone hosting services and WordPress are a perfect combination.
Start your web journey and choose a service plan that fits your website’s needs.

Save money with annual billing plan
Annual billing
Monthly billing
24% VAT excluded in the prices


3.67€/ Mo

First year-50%

Normally 7.34 €/Mo

8.40€/ Mo

Switch to annual and save big!

Save 12.72 € with annual plan

  • Capable and developer-friendly ZoneOS platform
  • 256 GB of fast SSD storage
  • Unlimited number of mailboxes
    (8 GB of storage each)
  • 16 MariaDB databases
  • Support for moder Node.js web application
    (516 MB of RAM)
  • 2 Cron-jobs
  • No Redis cache

A good option for those who don’t need a large website, but it works like a charm with most popular content management systems. Send professional emails from your own web address in your browser or favourite email client.



6.47€/ Mo

First year-50%

Normally 12.94 €/Mo

14.56€/ Mo

Switch to annual and save big!

Save 19.44 € with annual plan

  • Capable and developer-friendly ZoneOS platform
  • 512 GB of fast SSD storage
  • Unlimited number of mailboxes
    (12 GB of storage each)
  • 32 MariaDB databases
  • Support for modern Node.js web application
    (768 GB of RAM)
  • 5 Cron-jobs
  • Redis cache
    (256 MB of RAM)

Top-class email service and a place for your website. Welcome your guests to a modern and stylish landing page. All popular content management platforms can be installed in Zone with a single mouse click.


10.64€/ Mo

First year-50%

Normally 21.28 €/Mo

23.86€/ Mo

Switch to annual and save big!

Save 33.5 € with annual plan

  • Capable and developer-friendly ZoneOS platform
  • 1024 GB of fast SSD storage
  • Unlimited number of mailboxes
    (16 GB of storage each)
  • 64 MariaDB databases
  • Support for modern Node.js web application
    (1 GB of RAM)
  • 10 Cron-jobs
  • Redis cache
    (512 MB of RAM)
  • Websockets and port forwarding
  • Support for dedicated IP address

Includes everything + enough power to keep your business running smoothly in all situations. For example, this package is used by many active online stores with 100 000 visitors per month.

A unique homepage with just a few clicks

WordPress is the most popular content management system worldwide. It offers limitless possibilities with thousands of themes and easy-to-install plugins.


We ensure impeccable website speed through continual updates and constant monitoring of our platform components.


Our specialists work around the clock to ensure you are safe from data leaks and malicious software.


We make daily backup copies of your website for 14 days. In WordPress, you can continuously take snapshots of your page and use these to reverse changes later.


If you need help creating your website, work with Zone Partners for quick and desired results.


Before publishing a WordPress page, you can easily test it in a separate staging environment. Once you’re done, you can move it to the production environment with a single click.


You can easily extend WordPress by adding useful plug-ins like Smaily, the e-mail marketing provider, or activating e-shop plug-in WooCommerce.


Creating a website with WordPress has never been easier at Zone, thanks to the Zone+ WordPress Assistant, which simplifies complex operations for beginners.

Automated updates

Your WordPress comes with automated updates to keep your site secure and always on the latest version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zone + WordPress Assistant is an AI tool that helps you create and manage your website easily, even with limited technical knowledge. It offers a user-friendly interface, pre-designed templates and tools to add functionalities. From there, just add your own text and images and you’re good to go. This saves you time and effort compared to coding a website from scratch.

Zone + WordPress Assistant is designed for users of all technical backgrounds. While some basic understanding of website structure and navigation can be helpful, this tool does not require coding experience. It offers you visual editing and pre-built features to simplify the process.

Because it is perfect for beginners and small businesses, who want to establish a strong online presence without hassle of complex coding. You can simply stand out from the crowd. WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world and it can be transferred between different servers if needed. You are are always in control.

Zone + WordPress Assistant offers built-in tutorials, FAQs, and customer support options. WordPress is a popular open-source platform, has a vast online community and countless resources available. And of course our support team is always here to help!

Our support is always here to help!

Our customer support team is available to help you via email, phone, or chat. You can also find useful tips in our comprehensive help center.

Get the most out of your website

Zone+ WordPress Assistant takes your website building experience to a whole new level. Try it out now!

We work with reliable and inventive partners to offer you the best service