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Why Zone?

  • We have fast email.
  • We have even faster web hosting.
  • We have the fastest helpdesk.
  • And we have always time to solve your problems.

super fast email platform

Fast email

Zone has a new super fast email platform, that works smoothly with large mailboxes. It is particularly fast when using our new And thats not all: now you can increase the size of your mailbox for up to 50 or 100-gigabytes mailboxes.

Simple webmail

we sell speed

Fast web hosting

75% of web visitors consider page speed the most important thing. We think the same – page speed needs to be a priority!  That´s why we use the fastest processors, SSD-s and periodically replace entire hardware park.  

In addition, we monitor the speed of web applications on all servers and ensure that all our clients receive equally good service. 


everything is backed up

Security first and foremost!

Zone has a new super fast email platform, that works smoothly with large Web hosting services. Providers often hold e-mail, web, database and name servers together in one server. For optimal performance and safety reasons, we keep them separately. Shared web hosting separates web and database. Email and name servers are divided between different data centers. In addition, everything is backed up in a completely separate place.

Securtiy first and foremost!

We have a robot

Want to get your domain and Shared Web Hosting instantly? No problem – our ordering environment and self-service are powered by a good robot that immediately directs paid orders to execution.

If robot notices a problem that might break something, it asks for advice. Robot follows the set of three laws of robotics.

Start small, think big

Zone web hosting is perfect for starting your online business.  But is also suitable for highly visited popular websites, e-shops and startup onepagers. Even some big banks use our web hosting service. If the Shared Web Hosting is not enough, we also offer a convenient Smart Dedicated Server service. For example, you can navigate to private server when launching big campaigns.

Enough backups

Every night we make backups in a separate data center of all the servers and we store the data 14 days.

Once you have installed WordPress, PrestaShop or some other web application via Zone+, you can back up and restore the data yourself.

up to date

Newest software versions

Your website is accessible to all internet users in the world and some of them might have evil intensions. Zone ensures that the servers software is up to date and all known security holes are quickly patched. Zone+ also helps keep your WordPress or other web application up to date. 

Newest software versions

personal support

Proper helpdesk

Want to get your domain and Shared Web Hosting instantly? No problem – our ordering environment and self-service are powered by you. There are more than 40 of us today, about one third are answering the phone and letters from morning to night and the rest of us provide support with more complex issues or take care of technology 24/7/365

open source software

We have free software

Many websites use free open source software that is being developed by people around the world. Zone servers use Linux, Apache, MariaDB, Node.js, Python and many other components.

We have released our email platform and webmail: you can look and test it, use it yourself or offer others. Why are we doing this? We are just absolutely sure that we can provide the best service with free software. 

Free software, René Laane

We have been working with Zone for almost 10 years and we intend to continue doing so in the future, because Zone is a true professional. I would particularly like to highlight their customer service, which resolves all issues quickly and successfully., Erik Rattasepp

Zone is a well-established quality brand with a long track record, which is why we had no hesitation when it came to choosing an online host – Zone is always there to help., Henri Kalm

As top specialists in our field, for whom quality, efficiency and the right path to the goal are important, we know that we can only achieve this with a motivated team. This is what we expect from our partners, so that our cooperation can work in harmony and be long-lasting, supporting each other in achieving our goals. The cooperation with the Zone team has been a response to the above, and we hope it will continue to be so in the future., Marko Pleiats

We are satisfied with Zone’s services so far and look forward to a long cooperation in the future.

30 day hosting money-back guarantee

If you are not happy with our services for whatever reason, we’ll refund your payment. No fuss!