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Free e-mail with new domain

Add free email when registering your new domain –starts working instantly, no setup needed!

  • webmail designed for desktop and mobile
  • secure with HTTPS and 2-factor authentication
  • can be upgraded to our e-mail or hosting plans
  • yours to keep as long as you renew the domain

Webmail only

Perfect choice to start using your new domain name – you can upgrade to a paid plan when ready.


  • 1 mailbox, 100 MB
  • Mobile and desktop webmail
  • Spam filter and antivirus
  • Hosted in Finland

Take your (new) business online!

Professional-looking e-mail

Professional-looking e-mail for your domain

Register your own domain name and add Zone e-mail to create trust in your business online from day one.

Quick start

Quick and easy to start

Zone takes care of all technical details and your e-mail is ready to use in a minute – just add mailboxes for everyone who needs them!


Need more? Upgrade!

Do you need more mailboxes, functionality or storage? No problem – upgrade to a paid plan without needing to move your mailbox contents!

Webmail and e-mail apps supported

Simple to use. Anywhere

Zone Webmail makes your mailbox easy to use both on desktop and mobile devices.

No setup required – just log in!

Upgrade to paid plan to get support for e-mail clients, filters, forwarding, out-of-office replies, signatures and more. 

Simple webmail

Frequently Asked Questions about free E-mail

Frequently asked questions

Yes, this is a special offer for new or transferred domains registered with Zone. We do not offer downgrades to the free plan for existing accounts. If you accidentally skipped creating the free e-mail during registration, please let us know and we’ll activate it for you.

No. To avoid support costs, we have made it webmail-only. But don’t worry, you can always upgrade to our paid plans – your mailbox contents remain the same while new features are instantly activated and mailbox size increased.

  • Works without setup, both on desktop and mobile – just log in and start using
  • No need to download large mailboxes – everything is stored on our servers across multiple locations for extra security
  • Fast search across large mailboxes – locate your correspondence from 10 years ago in a second
  • Switch between multiple Zone mailboxes in one browser tab even if they belong to different domains

We have designed our e-mail service with maximum security in mind:

  • servers are hosted in secure, ISO27001 certified datacenters; only encrypted access is allowed
  • our e-mail service is completely isolated from web hosting servers
  • we offer two-factor authentication to ensure your e-mail is safe even if hackers get hold of your password
  • our webmail lists your latest logins with an IP address and country, allowing you to verify you are the only one using it

Of course. Our webmail is easy to use wherever you are, including from public computers – however, please make sure you log off after the session and use two-factor authentication. This way you can be assured that capturing your password will not be enough to get access to your mailbox.

No. Free e-mail account gives you limited access to our Webmail interface. The following features are disabled:

  • IMAP and POP3 access
  • Custom filters
  • Forwarding
  • Out-of-office replies
  • Signatures

Upgrade to paid plan to get all the features and start using third party e-mail clients.