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Over 300 top level domains

Focus on a specific market or start a global brand!

.ee8.37 €Order
.eu4.50 €Order
.com11.60 €Order
.net16.76 €Order
.org13.92 €Order
.info23.67 €Order
.fi11.60 €Order
.lv13.20 €Order
.lt4.00 €Order
.se21.64 €Order
.ac69.60 €Order
.at13.20 €Order
.be7.20 €Order
.cc28.80 €Order
.ch16.80 €Order
.co41.40 €Order
.co.uk11.52 €Order
.cz16.80 €Order
.de7.80 €Order
.dk15.82 €Order
.fr12.72 €Order
.hr118.80 €Order
.io60.00 €Order
.is60.00 €Order
.li13.92 €Order
.lu25.80 €Order
.me19.50 €Order
.nl7.80 €Order
.pl5.40 €Order
.com.pl6.04 €Order
.pt26.40 €Order
.ro18.00 €Order
.sh72.00 €Order
.si21.60 €Order
.tv35.64 €Order
.vg43.56 €Order
.com.ee8.37 €Order
.fie.ee8.37 €Order
.med.ee8.37 €Order
.pri.ee8.37 €Order
.academy36.96 €Order
.accountant31.80 €Order
.accountants117.60 €Order
.actor49.50 €Order
.adult109.80 €Order
.agency29.04 €Order
.ai87.00 €Order
.amsterdam35.10 €Order
.apartments68.70 €Order
.app21.12 €Order
.archi99.60 €Order
.art20.59 €Order
.associates43.56 €Order
.attorney62.70 €Order
.auction36.96 €Order
.audio148.80 €Order
.band31.80 €Order
.bar73.26 €Order
.bargains41.58 €Order
.bayern31.25 €Order
.beer36.96 €Order
.best100.32 €Order
.bid33.33 €Order
.bike41.58 €Order
.bingo61.38 €Order
.bio76.80 €Order
.biz20.71 €Order
.black66.66 €Order
.blackfriday155.76 €Order
.blog32.40 €Order
.blue26.07 €Order
.boutique34.32 €Order
.brussels29.10 €Order
.build41.58 €Order
.builders42.24 €Order
.business14.52 €Order
.buzz39.93 €Order
.cab34.32 €Order
.cafe41.40 €Order
.cam33.33 €Order
.camera60.00 €Order
.camp54.60 €Order
.capital73.92 €Order
.cards39.60 €Order
.care42.24 €Order
.careers73.92 €Order
.casa10.80 €Order
.cash35.64 €Order
.casino184.50 €Order
.catering44.22 €Order
.center27.72 €Order
.ceo100.32 €Order
.chat41.58 €Order
.cheap41.58 €Order
.christmas73.26 €Order
.church45.54 €Order
.city27.72 €Order
.claims83.49 €Order
.cleaning71.10 €Order
.click13.86 €Order
.clinic68.64 €Order
.clothing34.32 €Order
.cloud24.09 €Order
.club22.26 €Order
.co.no24.00 €Order
.coach65.10 €Order
.codes68.64 €Order
.coffee39.60 €Order
.college65.34 €Order
.cologne25.50 €Order
.community41.58 €Order
.company11.88 €Order
.computer39.60 €Order
.condos61.38 €Order
.construction41.58 €Order
.consulting48.18 €Order
.contractors36.96 €Order
.cooking39.60 €Order
.cool41.58 €Order
.country33.33 €Order
.coupons55.80 €Order
.courses39.93 €Order
.credit129.36 €Order
.creditcard222.75 €Order
.cricket72.00 €Order
.cruises61.38 €Order
.cymru16.02 €Order
.dance30.03 €Order
.date31.80 €Order
.dating75.24 €Order
.deals44.22 €Order
.degree49.17 €Order
.delivery54.00 €Order
.democrat41.58 €Order
.dental72.60 €Order
.dentist62.70 €Order
.desi20.46 €Order
.design61.80 €Order
.dev17.49 €Order
.diamonds58.74 €Order
.diet148.80 €Order
.digital44.22 €Order
.direct39.60 €Order
.directory28.71 €Order
.discount35.31 €Order
.doctor132.00 €Order
.dog63.90 €Order
.domains48.18 €Order
.download31.80 €Order
.earth24.09 €Order
.education35.64 €Order
.email30.36 €Order
.energy111.60 €Order
.engineer44.22 €Order
.engineering68.64 €Order
.enterprises39.60 €Order
.equipment25.08 €Order
.es7.20 €Order
.estate39.60 €Order
.events39.60 €Order
.exchange39.60 €Order
.expert68.64 €Order
.exposed23.10 €Order
.express40.20 €Order
.fail42.24 €Order
.faith31.80 €Order
.family34.50 €Order
.fans13.80 €Order
.farm39.60 €Order
.fashion36.96 €Order
.film86.79 €Order
.finance67.32 €Order
.financial58.74 €Order
.fish46.20 €Order
.fishing33.33 €Order
.fit32.34 €Order
.fitness41.58 €Order
.flights59.40 €Order
.florist41.58 €Order
.flowers155.76 €Order
.fm120.00 €Order
.football27.30 €Order
.forsale35.40 €Order
.foundation35.64 €Order
.fun36.96 €Order
.fund68.64 €Order
.furniture132.00 €Order
.fyi22.44 €Order
.garden32.24 €Order
.gift21.00 €Order
.gifts36.96 €Order
.gives40.26 €Order
.glass69.90 €Order
.global100.32 €Order
.gold125.40 €Order
.golf68.64 €Order
.graphics27.72 €Order
.gratis23.10 €Order
.green84.48 €Order
.gripe35.31 €Order
.group18.00 €Order
.guide39.60 €Order
.guitars155.76 €Order
.guru42.24 €Order
.haus35.31 €Order
.healthcare80.52 €Order
.help32.40 €Order
.hiphop59.40 €Order
.hockey55.80 €Order
.holdings71.61 €Order
.holiday76.89 €Order
.horse33.33 €Order
.host99.00 €Order
.hosting436.92 €Order
.house43.56 €Order
.how31.80 €Order
.ie22.80 €Order
.immo35.31 €Order
.immobilien35.31 €Order
.industries43.56 €Order
.ink29.70 €Order
.institute30.03 €Order
.insure73.92 €Order
.international33.00 €Order
.investments123.60 €Order
.irish23.70 €Order
.it7.20 €Order
.jetzt21.60 €Order
.jewelry78.21 €Order
.kaufen41.58 €Order
.kim27.39 €Order
.kitchen63.90 €Order
.koeln25.50 €Order
.land39.60 €Order
.lawyer61.38 €Order
.lease61.38 €Order
.lgbt79.53 €Order
.life38.28 €Order
.lighting27.72 €Order
.limited35.64 €Order
.limo59.40 €Order
.live33.00 €Order
.loan31.80 €Order
.loans117.60 €Order
.lol32.34 €Order
.london39.78 €Order
.love31.80 €Order
.ltd30.36 €Order
.ltda42.00 €Order
.maison61.38 €Order
.management26.40 €Order
.market45.54 €Order
.marketing43.56 €Order
.media43.56 €Order
.memorial51.60 €Order
.men31.80 €Order
.menu39.93 €Order
.mobi39.18 €Order
.moda35.31 €Order
.moe19.80 €Order
.money33.00 €Order
.mortgage75.57 €Order
.network35.64 €Order
.news33.00 €Order
.ninja36.30 €Order
.one19.20 €Order
.online38.28 €Order
.paris39.90 €Order
.partners76.89 €Order
.parts42.24 €Order
.party31.80 €Order
.photo31.80 €Order
.photography36.96 €Order
.photos28.71 €Order
.physio94.05 €Order
.pics32.01 €Order
.pictures14.52 €Order
.pink27.39 €Order
.pizza71.61 €Order
.place25.08 €Order
.plumbing55.80 €Order
.plus37.80 €Order
.poker63.60 €Order
.porn109.80 €Order
.press75.24 €Order
.pro28.62 €Order
.productions39.60 €Order
.properties41.58 €Order
.property155.76 €Order
.pub37.80 €Order
.racing31.80 €Order
.recipes78.21 €Order
.red26.07 €Order
.rehab44.22 €Order
.reisen22.44 €Order
.rent65.34 €Order
.rentals39.60 €Order
.repair44.22 €Order
.report44.22 €Order
.republican44.22 €Order
.rest39.93 €Order
.restaurant70.29 €Order
.review31.80 €Order
.reviews68.97 €Order
.rip24.90 €Order
.rocks23.43 €Order
.run26.10 €Order
.sale37.80 €Order
.sarl35.31 €Order
.school37.80 €Order
.schule28.71 €Order
.science31.80 €Order
.services39.60 €Order
.shoes69.90 €Order
.shop37.62 €Order
.shopping34.80 €Order
.show41.40 €Order
.singles41.58 €Order
.site33.60 €Order
.sk16.80 €Order
.ski70.29 €Order
.soccer21.60 €Order
.social41.58 €Order
.software41.58 €Order
.solar60.00 €Order
.solutions33.00 €Order
.soy27.60 €Order
.space25.40 €Order
.store62.04 €Order
.studio36.60 €Order
.study33.33 €Order
.style37.80 €Order
.supplies28.71 €Order
.supply27.39 €Order
.support29.04 €Order
.surf39.60 €Order
.surgery53.79 €Order
.systems34.32 €Order
.tattoo45.21 €Order
.tax66.00 €Order
.taxi65.10 €Order
.team34.20 €Order
.tech50.00 €Order
.technology33.00 €Order
.tennis79.53 €Order
.theater76.89 €Order
.tips34.32 €Order
.tires122.76 €Order
.today29.04 €Order
.tools34.32 €Order
.tours69.90 €Order
.town35.64 €Order
.toys69.90 €Order
.trade33.33 €Order
.training39.60 €Order
.uk11.52 €Order
.university68.97 €Order
.vacations44.22 €Order
.vc39.60 €Order
.ventures55.44 €Order
.vet44.22 €Order
.video37.80 €Order
.villas53.79 €Order
.vision39.60 €Order
.vodka39.60 €Order
.voyage61.38 €Order
.wales16.02 €Order
.watch46.20 €Order
.webcam33.33 €Order
.website30.36 €Order
.wedding32.34 €Order
.wiki29.70 €Order
.win31.80 €Order
.work12.54 €Order
.works39.60 €Order
.world33.60 €Order
.ws37.18 €Order
.wtf34.32 €Order
.xyz15.44 €Order
.yoga33.60 €Order
.zone39.60 €Order
.ευ4.50 €Order
.ею4.50 €Order

All domain registration, renewal and transfer prices

Our prices are based on a registration period of one year.
24% VAT will be added to the prices on checkout.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions for more details – or contact our helpdesk for personal service!

Which top level domain fits your purpose?

Country codes (ccTLDs)

You can cover the whole of Europe with .eu or focus locally with .fi for Finland, .se for Sweden etc.

Note, that some ccTLDs may have special requirements for authorising registrants or having a local presence. When in doubt, ask our specialists for help.

Classic generic TLDs

The Internet started with com, .net, and .org. While many interesting domains in these have been taken over the years, these are the originals.

Classic generic top level domains also include .fm, .me, .mobi, .info, .biz, .tv, .ws and generic sounding ccTLDs like .ac, .cc, .co, .io, .vg, .sh

Fancy new TLDs

These mostly describe what you do, rather than your target market.

These top level domains may ease your selection process, because you can just combine your business name with a suitable extension like .agency, .apartments, .beer or even .ninja.

Domain statistics

Businesses in European countries usually prefer their own country code based ccTLDs domain, with the strong second choice often being .eu, which is then followed by neighbouring countries. There is always significant belief in .com, even though common words and phrases were snapped up a long time ago.

New fancy top level domains, that target business or interest areas can solve that problem – your desired name is most probably available with some. You can use our domain search to check them all!


Search Engine Optimization

Domains and SEO.

Search engines try to understand what makes website visits a success for users, and you can help with your domain name choice. For example, country extensions send a clear signal that you are local and keywords in a domain name help you rank higher on the search results page.

But don’t overthink – your greatest asset is your brand. Make sure it is memorable and can be used internationally without trademark conflicts.

Be aware of possible copycats registering domains for all your planned markets.

Domains and SEO

Frequently Asked Questions about Domains

Frequently asked questions

ccTLD is an abbreviation of “country code top-level domain” and means extensions assigned to countries, like .fi (Finland), .se (Sweden), .ee (Estonia). 

gTLD is an abbreviation of “generic top-level domain”, including, among others, the very first extensions .com, .info, .net and .org that are available for all interested registrants.

Since 2002, a number of new gTLDs have been approved, with extensions like .shop, .online, .agency and hundreds of others now available.

Yes, as many as you like! Common trends are: registering your trademark or name for planned target markets, registering translations if picking service-related words and covering potential mis-spellings.

If the domain does not seem to be in commercial use, you can try to contact the owner and make them an offer. Due to GDPR, contact information has been removed from domains and replaced with web-based contact forms.

Some domains may even be available on dedicated reseller websites.