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When in comes to data protection, Zone has two equally important roles to fulfill – controller and processor.

Zone as a data controller

To learn more about Zone as a data controller, please read our Privacy Policy.

As a data contoller we process personally identifiable information that you trust us to protect while you use our services. These include your name and contact details, that we ask for while you are creating a user account or while you register a domain name with us.

Personally identifiable information may also include technical data that we associate with you, that is used to ensure the reliability and security of our services, such as IP addresses in our logs.

Our Privacy Policy also covers data and analytics associated with use of our website and marketing channels.

We maintain a list of external data processors that may come into contact with your personally identifiable information while using our services.

For most customers, we do not see the need for an additional agreement on the processing of personal data, but it may be reasonable if you use our server services to provide services to other companies, your auditors or lawyers. We have prepared a Data Processing Agreement that is compatible with our services and processes, which can be digitally signed after data entry and sent to for digital signing by us (we will add a note about the agreement to the company’s user account(s)).

Zone as a data processor

To learn more about Zone as a data processor, please read our Terms of Service.

When you upload your data to our servers or generate your data on our servers, you remain the data controller of such data and Zone becomes an authorised data processor who needs to protect your data. This processing is subject to our Terms of Service to which our customers agree to while creating a user account (ZoneID) with us. It is a written agreement, that forms the basis on which our services are provided.

It is important to note, that as a data processor Zone does not process any of our customer’s data outside the European Union/European Economic Area or transfer the customer data to third parties.

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