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  • Register a domain in 15 minutes
  • With each domain you get a FREE name server (DNS) or homepage redirection service
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With domain search you can conveniently find free domains that are perfect for both you and your company. Try our domain search tool and see which names are still available.

Choose a domain name that best describes you or your company online. Finding the right domain is the first step to building a strong and distinctive website.

Pick and address for your business

One free e-mail address with each domain

A free mailbox with every domain!

Buy a domain and start e-mailing. We’ll give you 100 MB of inbox space for free. If that’s not enough, it’s easy to upgrade to a service plan with more resources and an extremely affordable price.

Simple webmal

Why should you transfer your domain to us?

Free parking

No rush! Your new domain will show a “moving in” page until you decide to host a website.

Free redirect

Already have a great Facebook or LinkedIn page? Point your domain to it, or to any other website on the Internet.

Free nameservers

Make use of your domain from day one – no hidden cost to getting it working.

Easy transfer

Want to keep all your domains in one place? Start a free transfer to our service using the domain registration form.

Secured with DNSSEC

We don’t charge you extra to protect you from DNS data forgery. The security extensions are on by default.

Professional support

We’re an accredited domain registrar for .FI, not just a generic reseller. If you have any issues, just reach out to us and we’ll help!

Tips for picking a domain name

  1. Pick a name that describes your product or service – your domain does not have to be the same as your registered business name (but it can be).
  2. Make sure the name is easy to remember and type in. Avoid words that have multiple spellings or common mis-spellings.
  3. Register sooner, rather than later – it’s not uncommon for competitors to grab domains for business names that don’t have a trademark.

Frequently asked questions about Domains

A domain (or domain name) is your address for online visits and correspondence. Typing a domain name into a web browser will direct people to your website. When people e-mail you, everything after the @ sign is the domain.

It is also possible to create focused sub-domains by adding hostnames in front of the domain. For example, while our main domain is, we have our customer success page at

You can register a domain name for a year or a longer period. When your registration period runs out, you can renew the registration.

Any company or individual can register a domain name. Tho some top level domains registries set conditions for registrations – for example .EU domains can only be registered by companies, citizens and residents of the European Union.

Our domain registration form will inform you if any limitations apply.

Originally, domains only allowed latin characters and hyphens (-). This is no longer the case. Most domains will let you to use language-specific alphabets and accents.

However be aware that in practice these may be displayed in a compatibility format on some platforms. For example, a domain with cyrillic letters like “зоне.ею” will display as “xn--e1adsd.xn--e1a4c” when shared on social media.

Pro tip: when using a domain name with accents for print or radio ads, register an equivalent latin-only domain for e-mail and online sharing.

The most common security issue with domains is accidentally sharing your account password. This can result in malicious parties logging in and transferring your domains to their account.

Activate two-factor authentication for your account to prevent this, and make sure to check your contact details annually.

Transfer your domain to Zone

If you feel, that it would be easier to manage all your domains in one place, you can transfer your existing domain names to us. You can start a transfer with us, but keep in mind, that some domains need to be renewed during transfer.

By the way, we are also ready to help you move your mailboxes and websites to our servers. Free of charge, of course!

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