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WordPress hosting

Get started with WordPress

Our WordPress hosting includes everything you need to get your WordPress site up and running within minutes. Optimized for WordPress performance and security, it comes with automated updates and an easy restore option in case anything goes wrong during updates or editing. 

We’ll also migrate your existing WordPress website to Zone, free of charge!


Really fast WordPress hosting without tricks

Most WordPress hosts make your website seem faster by using caches. Not us – we are using the fastest available server hardware with SSD storage and separate database servers to boost your site’s performance to maximum.

Then enabling cache is the icing on the cake.



First year-50%


norm. 9.90 €/Mo


annual. 9.90 €/Mo

  • Capable and developer-friendly ZoneOS platform
  • 64 GB of fast SSD storage
  • 10 mailboxes
    (4 GB of storage each)
  • 3 MariaDB databases
  • Support for modern Node.js web application
    (512 MB of RAM)
  • Redis cache
    (256 MB of RAM)
  • 2 Cron-jobs
  • Performance level 6/10 Performance level 6/10

Save €24 with an annual subscription

Professional e-mail tools plus website space. Welcome visitors with a modern landing page – all popular content management platforms are a 1-click install at Zone.


First year-50%


norm. 17.90 €/Mo


annual. 17.90 €/Mo

  • Capable and developer-friendly ZoneOS platform
  • 256 GB of fast SSD storage
  • Unlimited number of mailboxes
    (10 GB of storage each)
  • 6 MariaDB databases
  • Support for modern Node.js web application
    (512 MB of RAM)
  • Redis välimuisti
    (512 MB of RAM)
  • 3 Cron-jobs
  • Websockets and port forwarding
  • Support for dedicated IP address
  • Performance level 10/10 Performance level 10/10

Save €36 with an annual subscription

Everything plus all the power to keep up with your business.
This is the favorite package for e-shops with
100 000 visitors per month.

24% VAT is added to the prices

Automated updates

Your WordPress comes with automated updates to keep your site secure and always on the latest version.

Backups x2

You’ll get both daily backups stored in a secure location and an easy 1-click backup/restore option.

Test safely

Create subdomains for testing and development sites and make a copy of your live site with one click.

Really fast & scalable

Even complex WordPress sites with WooCommerce e-shop and multiple languages respond in less than 1 second.

Experts in Support

Our own sites run on WordPress, so everybody in Zone has the first-hand experience and knowledge to help you.

Latest PHP versions

We support latest PHP versions – both 7.4 and 8.0 are available on all our servers and are frequently updated.

Frequently Asked Questions about WordPress Hosting

Frequently asked questions

Zone WordPress Hosting is based on our Web Hosting and comes with pre-installed WordPress configured with commonly needed components and a suitable theme so you can start editing your website straightaway.
Your web will have HTTPS always-on with free Let’s Encrypt certificates, automatic backups and updates.

Absolutely! We even offer free migration service where you provide us with an FTP username and password for your current hosting and we take care of everything else. After migration to Zone your WordPress will get all the benefits, including automated updates.

To guarantee the best performance for all clients we monitor all our hosting servers and make sure that the response time for a typical WordPress e-commerce site with multilingual support remains at approximately 0.7 seconds and it can service at least 50 requests per second. All that without any caching or optimizations in WordPress!

Yes. There are no limits to which plugins or themes can be installed. It will also be set up with always-on secure HTTPS connections and automated updates and backups that will help you meet compliance requirements.

Free web and e-mail migration

Not satisfied with your current hosting or thinking of bringing all services to Zone? We’ll be happy to help you move your mailboxes and websites to our servers. Free of charge, naturally.