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Reliable personalised e-mail, at a fair price

E-Mail that
just works

  • With Zone you have room to grow, because we have deals for novices and pros alike
  • Get secure, universal connectivity via standard protocols supported by all desktop and mobile platforms
  • Zone Webmail – an exclusive ad and tracker free web-based e-mail client provides instant private access to your mails from anywhere in the world
  • Our unique technical platform provides you with cloud based dependability and speed
Mailbox full again? Not with Zone!

Mail for everyone

Simple, fast and secure mail with our “E-mail only” plan

Service plan

E-mail only

Our affordable entry-level E-mail only service plan provides you with 5 mailboxes, 1 GB each. This is the perfect choice if you have a very small team or are compiling a team for your project.


/ month *

  • 5 mailboxes, 1 GB each
  • Support for all popular desktop and mobile e-mail clients
  • Responsive and secure Webmail, accessible everywhere
  • Security protocols like SPF and DKIM enabled by default
  • DMARC available for additional protection from fraudsters
  • A spam filter and antivirus to keep your mailbox cleaner
  • Hosted in Finland
Available Add-Ons

Premium 50GB & Ultimate 100GB upgrades

For some of your colleagues e-mail may be their main tool for communication and storage of vital information? Your sales and marketing people will appreciate the option to upgrade their mailboxes to our Premium and Ultimate levels. Upgrade any of your regular mailboxes whenever the need arises!

50GB € 3 00 / 100GB € 6 00

/ month

  • No downtime, no need to migrate, no settings change
  • Same great features, just loads more space available
  • Upgrade specific mailboxes that need extra space, save money

* Our -50% offer applies to annual subscribers and to the first service year.
Offer runs until 1. December 2021.

Prices exclude 24% VAT

Professional-looking e-mail


Have you noticed, that e-mail from a custom domain looks more professional? Register your own domain name and use our E-mail plan. This way you will create trust in your business from day one.

Quick start

Quick and easy

Gone are the days when you needed to technical jargon to use e-mail. Zone takes care of all the technical details for you and your e-mail is ready to use in minutes.


Help is near

We have a dedicated support team available to help you over the phone, via e-mail or using our chat based interface. Help is available in Finnish and English.

Our webmail is fast, reliable, secure and available 24/7

Simple to use, anywhere.

Zone Webmail makes your mailbox easy to use both on desktop and mobile devices. No setup required – just log in!

Simple to use!

Easy Webmail

Access your mailbox on mobile or desktop, no configuration needed.


Read your e-mail on all your devices: we support Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail and other popular e-mail clients.

Spam protection

All your incoming mail goes through advanced filters, so that spam goes into a separate folder and not your inbox.


Add two-factor authentication (2FA) to your e-mail login to make sure only you can access it.

Filters and more

Configure filters to sort mail into folders, set up auto-replies and create multiple signatures to personalize your mail.


Concerned about digital footprint? We use datacenters with 100% renewable energy & help your web run green.

Frequently Asked Questions about e-mail

Frequently Asked Questions

You need a domain for your e-mail to work. We suggest ordering your domain together with e-mail, so we can take care of all the technical details.

If you have already registered a domain elsewhere, you can start a domain transfer to Zone when ordering the e-mail service.

Yes, you can! Setup is easy and you’ll find illustrated instructions for most e-mail programs on PC, Mac, iPhone and Android on

  • Works without setup, both on desktop and mobile – just log in and start using
  • No need to download large mailboxes – everything is stored on our servers across multiple locations for extra security
  • Fast search across large mailboxes – locate your correspondence from 10 years ago in a second
  • Switch between multiple Zone mailboxes in one browser tab even if they belong to different domains

We have designed our e-mail service with maximum security in mind:

  • servers are hosted in secure, ISO27001 certified datacenters, only encrypted access is allowed
  • our e-mail service is completely isolated from web hosting servers
  • we offer two-factor authentication to ensure your e-mail is safe even if hackers get hold of your password
  • our webmail lists your latest logins with an IP-address and country allowing you to verify you are the only one using it

Of course. Our webmail is easy to use wherever you are, including from public computers – however, please make sure you log off after the session and use two-factor authentication. This way you can be assured that capturing your password will not be enough to get access to your mailbox.

Free e-mail migration

Not satisfied with your current hosting or thinking of bringing all services to Zone? We’ll be happy to help you move your mailboxes to our servers. Free of charge, naturally.