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  • Endless possibilities with Zone Control Panel
  • Safe Staging for Live Sites
  • Features for Beginners and Pros

Effortless WordPress Setup

  • One-Click Installation & Updates: Get your WordPress site up and running with just a single click! Stay updated effortlessly.
  • Single-Click Login: Secure access to your site without the hassle of remembering passwords. Just click and you’re in!

Fearless Experimentation

  • Snapshot & Rollback On Demand: Instantly capture snapshots and roll back with ease whenever needed.
  • Automatic Pre-update Snapshots: Ensure safety with automated snapshots before any updates.

Safe Staging for Live Sites

  • Test Before Going Live: Experiment and validate changes in a staging environment before updating your live site.
  • Seamless Sync: Effortlessly synchronize databases and files between environments with two-way sync.
  • Automatic Snapshots: Automatically capture a snapshot of your website before any sync to safeguard your data.

Stay Ahead with the Latest PHP

  • Access to Newest PHP Versions: Always stay updated with the latest PHP versions available.
  • Risk-Free PHP Testing: Test new PHP versions in your browser without impacting your live site.

Boost Your Site’s Speed with Zone Services

  • Instant Redis Integration: Enhance performance with a single click to activate Redis included in our service.
  • ElasticSearch & Future OpenSearch Support: Leverage ElasticSearch for advanced searching capabilities and stay tuned for upcoming OpenSearch support.

User Interface for Beginners and Pros

  • Developer Access Simplified: Grant developers hassle-free access to only the essential content they need, without extra complications.
  • Unified Client Management: View and manage all client activities from a single, centralized location.
  • Effortless Staging Sites: Create staging sites for client pages right on your server with ease.
  • Modern, Intuitive Design: Our user interface is crafted from your feedback and extensive UX testing, offering a seamless experience in Finnish and English language.

Grow Smoothly with Zone’s Flexible Solutions

  • Flexible Package Upgrades: Easily upgrade your hosting package based on your resource needs.
  • Smooth Migration to Cloud Hosting: Migrate to cloud hosting with guaranteed resources tailored for you, without disrupting your site or workflow.
  • Exclusive Private Servers: Access private servers using the same Zone platform, featuring automatic migration.
  • Turbo Charge Campaigns: Boost your site traffic with Turbo during campaigns, exclusive to our cloud hosting solutions.

Accelerate Your MVP Launch with Zone

  • AI-Powered Prototyping: Use our AI tool to quickly prototype your WordPress site using familiar Gutenberg blocks—no need to learn new technologies.
  • Professional Website Building: Craft professionally looking websites or homepages effortlessly with the Brizzy WP site builder.

We also have API documentation

Leading provider

Trusted for over 25 years in hosting websites and applications, delivering excellence and innovation.
Over 60000 happy customers all over the world.


Comprehensive security with free HTTPS & DNSSEC, advanced Web Application Firewall, security monitoring, and distributed backup and DNS locations.


Gain full control with SSH access, manage seamlessly via Zone API, and leverage modern technologies like NodeJS, GoLang, and Python on our robust platform.


Consistently high performance with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, ensuring your website and apps run smoothly at all times.


Dedicated 24/7 monitoring and incident response, available 365 days a year, paired with fast, always-ready English speaking support to assist you.

“Try Our Services for Free! Agencies and developers looking for a powerful partnership can now try our services at no cost. Reach out to me directly, and let’s start our collaboration!”

Rauno Kais – Country Manager

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